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£30.00 £49.95
Counted Cross Stitch of a Geisha Lady
6" Embroidery Hoops
Embroidery Hoop helps to achieve perfect tension in your cross stitching etc
A View From The Window
£19.99 £31.99
Counted Cross Stitch with easy to follow intructions
Anchor 1st Kit - Pony
A great way to learn to cross stitch
Anchor Counted Cross Stitch - Goldfinch & Berries
Comes with everything you need to complete the design.
Anchor Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Little Princess
Beautiful Pic of a Lioness Cub when completed
Anchor Cross Stitch Kit - Sweet Balloons (Blue or Pink)
Hang in a baby's bedroom when complete
Anchor Embroidery Kit - Swan
£14.30 £21.99
This kit has the print on the fabric
Angel Of Love
£17.99 £24.95
This kit comes with everything you need to complete picture
Antique Doll - Counted Cross Stitch Kit
£26.99 £33.90
Kit contains everything from Fabric, Thread, Needle, Chart, Instructions for Picture or Cushion
Bird Watching
£22.99 £29.99
This Anchor Premier Collection comes with everything you need to complete excluding the frame
Bird Watching Sampler
£24.50 £31.99
Anchor Counted Cross Stitch, comes Fabric, Cotton, Instruction, Chart, Needle everything you need to complete Picture.  DOES NOT INCLUDE FRAME
Castles & Roses Chatelaine
£17.99 £29.50
No more loosing your scissors 
Counted Cross Stitch - Ducks In May
£9.99 £14.50
Ducks & Duckling complete Counted Cross Stitch Kit, FRAME NOT INCLUDED
Counted Cross Stitch - The Blues
£17.99 £28.50

One of a series of cross stitch designs from the paintings of Valerie Pfeiffer.

Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Countryside
£7.99 £8.99
Countryside picture 
Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Dove Ring Cushion
£7.99 £15.99
Something different for that special person getting Wed.
Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Ladybird
£9.99 £12.90
Lovely picture of a Ladybird.  Kit contains all you need to complete.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED
Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Mallard Ducks
£10.99 £15.99
Brilliant picture for ducks lovers
Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Roots & Wings
£12.99 £15.99
Counted Cross Stitch with everything to complete the design.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED
Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Seaside/Lighthouse
£14.99 £17.99
Scenery looking at a lighthouse, Seagull, Anchor, Shells, Life Saver ring & Boats at a distance.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED
Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Swan
£25.99 £31.99
Ideal for a moderate Cross Stitcher
Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Viking Long Ship
£12.99 £14.99
A great cross stitch kit, especially if you like Vikings
Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Wedding Carriage
£16.99 £21.99
When Completed Add the Date & Names.  A lovely gift.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED
Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Woodland Stream
£7.99 £8.60
Scenic Picture when completed. FRAME NOT INCLUDED
Counted Cross Stitch Kits - Fairies
£11.99 £19.99
If you love flower fairies your love these kits
Craft Collection - Indian Pair
£15.99 £17.99
A pair of Indians for all those Indian lovers
Elegant Geisha Counted Cross Stitch Kit
Complete Kit of an Elegant Geisha
Fanciful Customise Kit
  • 10 mini designs
  • 8 DMC threads
  • A needle
  • A thread organiser
Farm Animals
£17.99 £23.20
Comes with everything to create the picture ONLY
Flamenco Dancer
£19.99 £26.40
A beautiful Flamenco Dancer
Fleur de Lis - Honour Diversity
£23.99 £31.99
Beautiful Picture to have hanging in house, office etc
Geometric Tile - Counted Cross Stitch Kit
£9.99 £17.99
Somewhere to keep all your sewing needles, scissors etc in one place
Golf Nostalgia
£21.99 £28.15
Includes Fabric, Thread, Needle, Chart, Thread Card & Instructions
Harmonies - Moon Watchers
£17.99 £21.99
A Complete Kit to make this beautiful picture
Heritage Stitchcraft - Blue Waters
£19.99 £40.55
Beautiful Scenic of the Blue Waters.  Looks lovely when finished.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED.
Heritage Stitchcraft - Flights Of Fancy
£23.99 £49.75
Counted Cross Stitch Kit from the Collection Flights of Fancy
Heritage Stitchcraft - Lady In Red
£10.96 £15.99

A beautiful red bird siiting on a branch.  A counted cross Stitch comes complete for the design.


Heritage Stitchcraft - The Pyramids
£19.99 £40.55
Beautiful cross stitch of the pyramids when completed.
Heritage Stitchcraft - Tulip Fields
£19.99 £40.55
Beautiful picture of the Tulip Fields, complete Kit to complete picture.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED.
In His Moccasins
£19.99 £25.75

.Rich Colours & fine details make this design one you'll be proud to display all year long.

Kidstitch - Fishing Teddy
£7.50 £8.50
Ideal counted cross stitch for kids ages 7yrs & up!
Kidstitch - Soccer
£7.50 £8.50
Kit complete with Chart & Instructions
Kidstitch - Teddy Friends
£7.50 £8.50
A Counted Cross Stitch for Kids from 7yrs & Up!  Everything included to make this Picture.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED.
KidStitch - Teddy Princess
£7.50 £8.50
Kidstitch for KIds with everything you need to complete Picture.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED.
Marine Creatures - Blue Marlin
£12.99 £18.50
Complete Kit apart from Frame NOT Included
Mediterranea Collection - Courtyard
From the Mediterranea Collection with everything in the Kit.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED
Mediterranea Collection - St Paul De Vince
Beautiful Cross Stitch of St Paul De Vence
Mediterranea Collection - Steps to the Sea
From the Mediterranea Collection.  Kit Complete.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED.
Ocean Customise Kit


  • 10 Mini Designs
  • 8 DMC Threads
  • A Needle
  • A thread organiser
Out Fishing
£14.99 £16.99
A Beautiful picture for someone that loves fishing.  Comes complete.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED
Rose Wedding Sampler
£9.99 £15.99
Would make a lovely Wedding Gift when completed.  Kit includes everything to complete.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED.
So Many Tools
£12.99 £15.99
Kit comes complete to make the design.  FRAME NOT INCLUDED.  A great picture for a mans room.
Sunday Cricket
£23.50 £25.50
Sunday Cricket Counted Cross Stitch Kit for all Cricket Fans
Tapestry Kit -Dolphin
£7.99 £15.99
Ready Framed Picture Kit.
Tropical Customise Kit
  • 8 Vibrant DMC Threads
  • A needle
  • A thread organiser
  • 10 mini designs
  • Designs printed on self-adhesive paper that dissolves in water.